Welcome back for Day Four of our Seven Days of Christmas feature.  We are officially past the halfway point today and hope you have enjoyed all of the articles, pictures, memories and contests.  If you haven’t yet entered, there’s still time left for both.  Tis the season for giving so be sure to get your entries completed!  Now we’ll head to Hollis and check in on how Christmas is going: So open your eyes, lend us an ear – We wanna say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thanks to Super7 you can now recreate your own Christmas in Hollis complete with Santa’s wallet, two mics, and an ill reindeer of course.  This holiday rap classic will take you straight to your 1987 complete with a pair of Adidas and large gold chain.


Run DMC (6 images)

I found out long ago, it’s a long way down the Holiday Road.  Reading those simple lyrics surely brought the oh-oh-oh-oh between verses straight into your head.  Hell, it’s probably stuck there now (you are welcome).  National Lampoon’s Vacation has been a powerhouse comedy staple since it’s release in 1983.  Not including the reboot in 2015, every Vacation movie has starred the same two parents, Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo as Clark and Ellen Griswold.  Series favorite Cousin Eddie played by Randy Quaid also is featured in multiple films.  The Griswold children, although included in each movie, have different actors and actresses (with the original and European Vacation being the only exception).  Among this run of movies including trips to Wally World, Europe and Las Vegas I would argue Christmas Vacation is the most well known.

In 2018 NECA released a pair of Clark Griswold action figures in their 8″ clothed line.  Santa Clark, as seen towards the end of the film, comes with a sculpted Santa hat, Marty Moose mug, and a model of the swimming pool to be purchased with his bonus check.  Chainsaw Clark comes with a soft plastic hockey mask, chainsaw, and Marty Moose mug.  Both action figures have the standard MEGO-like articulation found in the NECA 8″ clothed line.

Santa Clark (4 images)

Chainsaw Clark (4 images)

And that concludes Day Four.  Be sure to check back tomorrow as we get a little “evil”.  And by the way, shitter’s full.


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By Travis