Gargoyle’s Ultimate Collection 2023 Preview


December 23, 2022

When NECA initially previewed the first releases in their upcoming Gargoyles Ultimate Collection collectors were blown away at what was seen.  Then Goliath hit retail stores and it was apparent that NECA was doing something really special.  Fast forward through a handful of releases including Bronx, Thailog, and Demona and it’s easy to say they have many of us hook, line, and sinker.

Gargoyles Ultimate Collection was today’s featured toy line in their annual 12 Days of Christmas and with it comes a sneak peek at many new releases on the way in this popular series.  From this new visual guide we get a look at two versions of Goliath based on his video game appearance.  It’s worth noting the change in packaging design for this, as it appears to be a throwback to the 90’s SEGA Genesis.  Xanatos, who most collector’s were expecting a release of, will be getting at least two versions, one being armored.  Other previews include Angela, Steel Clan Robot, Coldstone, and the lovable Lexington.  2023 looks to be a great year for this incredible action figure line!