The Christmas spirit keeps on flowing through the PAF halls, and if you need to catch up with our special feature, don’t forget to read our articles for each day: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4.

But hold on to your merry… do you feel that? The lights get dim, the room starts to get chilly all of a sudden… because we’re reaching the darkest corners of the holidays with one of the coolest concepts for the season, taking inspiration from some not-so-jolly lore; we’re talking of course about the dreaded Krampus!

Black Krampus (4 images)

Figure: Krampus

Wave: Figura Obscura

Brand: Four Horsemen

Release Date: December 2021

A studio known for turning crazy ideas into reality since its inception, Four Horsemen decided to be very very naughty for the 2021 holidays; coming up with the idea of creating a new line that would allow them to step outside the lore of Mythic and Cosmic Legions and just create some cool figures, they worked in secret to create the Krampus, a release that would drop by surprise on a special date, with the stock ready to ship, thus getting them days later, ready to take its place under the Christmas tree.

Krampus (4 images)

The idea was such a success, that the original (black) Krampus sold out in minutes. But that was not the end of it, since they decided to drop a second version -this time, a devilish Red one- for pre-order, so everybody could grab as many as they wanted, with a later release date.

This was a surprising, awesome, and super successful beginning of the Figura Obscura line, and you can read all about it in lengthier detail here. But besides being a great addition to your shelves, you may wonder… who the F is the Krampus?

The Krampus is not your typical holiday cheer-bringer. With his horns, hooves, and long tongue, this mythical creature is the stuff of nightmares; and even though he’s not that well known, he’s been around for hundreds of years in the folklore and traditions of the Alpine region of Bavaria in Germany and Austria.

Don’t be fooled by his looks, for the Krampus is actually the yin to St. Nicholas’ yang. While good old Saint Nick rewards well-behaved children with presents, the Krampus is tasked with punishing the naughty ones. The origins of the Krampus are unclear, but it is believed that he may have originated from pre-Christian pagan traditions. In many cultures, the winter solstice was seen as a time of chaos and darkness, and it is possible that the Krampus was originally a deity associated with this time of year. Over time, Krampus became associated with the Christian holiday of Christmas, and he came to be seen as a symbol of punishment for misbehaving children.

Often depicted as a devilish-looking character with dark fur, a long tail, cloven hooves, and large horns, he has a long, red tongue sticking out of his mouth, and he typically carries a bundle of birch branches and a sack or basket on his back. The stories explain that Krampus uses the branches to whip misbehaving children, while the sack/basket is used to carry children to some foul punishment. You can see how all of these descriptions have been worked into the figure with the utmost attention to detail.

So, as we gear up for the holiday season, remember: be good for goodness sake, or the Krampus might pay you a visit.