First Look: Spin Master Reveals the new Batwing from The Flash Movie

ByBass Mendoza

December 30, 2022 , ,

Although Spin Master is not a toyline we usually cover around here -great as they are, they’re definitely for more kid-friendly collections- we couldn’t pass the chance to comment on their upcoming pack for The Flash movie that’s been making the rounds since this morning all over the net.

The rumors had been saying that although Michael Keaton’s Batwing was going to make a comeback during the movie, this was an updated version, rather than the 1989 design. Looking at the picture, we are now certain that this is the case, which may be a bummer for some, but we gotta say that it’s still a very cool-looking vehicle.

Now to the WHY this is important for us. First of all, if Spin Master’s products are super ready, packaging and all, and start popping soon at our favorite toy aisles, you know who can’t be far behind, right? Exactly! As reported previously we are aware that McFarlane Toys is going all in with this upcoming movie, with a rumored line-up that will account for all the Flashes, Batmen, and superheroes and villains that are appearing in the film -in both 7in and 12in scales- what we’re hoping the best to be true are the vehicles that will join them: Batfleck’s cycle, Keaton’s Batmobile… and yeah, a full in scale with 7in figures Batwing!

We can’t wait to see how’s that going to look like (and the toll it will take on our wallets, of course) and you can be sure that we will keep our bat-radar on, to bring you all the scoops on it!