Valaverse Teases New Items for 2023

Valaverse is starting 2023 off right, by teasing us with new product for the year. Right out of the gate, we get a look at the Desert Trooper and Gear Pack for the figure! Then a few new weapons were teased. It is looking to be another great year for fans of the Action Force line.

Check out all the details about the figure and accessories, below…

Action Force made a huge impact in 2022. The new mission is how to top it in 2023! Might as well start with a sneak peek on what’s to come. Desert Trooper & Gear coming spring 2023!

Next up, the company unveiled a few new weapons coming in early 2023.

Here is another tease for spring 2023. More weapons!!! This is just a tiny sample of the new weapons we’ve got coming in early 2023. Mark 2 Design has done a whole new arsenal for this year including, rifles, pistols, small arms, heavy weapons, bladed weapons along with new muzzle flashes and smoke effects. These are all newly tooled high quality durable ABS weapons and will be arriving as part of our spring launch. We’ll be showing more weapons over the next few weeks.