Indiana Jones Adventure Series Exclusive: Club Obi-Wan Indy


January 12, 2023

As revealed yesterday during Hasbro’s Indiana Jones livestream, exclusives are on the way.  And today is your chance to pre-order the first.  The new 6″ Indiana Jones Adventure Series will have an exclusive Indiana Jones (Club Obi-Wan) available for pre-order at Target online today at 1 PM EST.  
Indiana Jones Adventure Series Indiana Jones (Club Obi Wan) (Target Exclusive) $24.99

Next up are two Wal-Mart exclusive releases in this same series:  Walter Donovan and Indiana Jones in professor attire (and dope shield) will have Indy fans hunting Wal-Mart’s toy aisles this Spring.  Here’s a few more images of these two thanks to Hasbro’s Mr. Stevie!