Behind The Scenes Look At Frog Monger Reveals Modulok


January 17, 2023

Mattel’s Masters of the Universe art team has done it again!  Outside of showing us their amazing artwork they occasionally reveal a future release.  Today, with the highly anticipated Frog Monger Mattel Creations exclusive release, Axel has again shared a look at the creation of not only the packaging and art but early sketches of the action figure itself.  It is within these sketches where you can plainly see Frog Monger uses Modulok’s torso, arm, and legs.  Add Skeletor feet with a new head sculpt, pelvis, and hands and you have Frog Monger.  Also worth noting on the creation of this first time Masters of the Universe release:

When we originally fleshed him out in The Rise of Evil 2-Pack artwork. We visualized him a smaller figure like Modulok. Later in the final design, he was changed to reuse the regular sized MOTU body to maintain the mix & match feature. An absolutely ‘ribbiting’ figure! – Axel

Be sure to check out the artwork below.  To quote Axel, it is indeed quite “ribbiting”!