Sale: Four Horsemen Announce 4 Weeks of Sales at


January 23, 2023

4 weeks of sales at! All of the items offered during these sales will be IN STOCK and they will ship quickly so you get them in hand fast! Here’s the schedule:

  • Saturday, January 28th at 12pm EST – Mythic Legions: Illythia wave test shots
  • Saturday, February 4th at 12pm EST – Deluxe Legion Builder wave test shots, plus LegionsCon 2022 test shots and the Figura Obscura: Headless Horseman test shots
  • Saturday, February 11th at 12pm EST – Cosmic Legions: Hvalkatar, Book One test shots
  • Saturday, February 18th at 12pm EST – Standard versions of the LegionsCon figures, including The Unknown One, Lord Bushotee/Pelvicus, and Peterionn/Uuwit

So the BIG news here is obviously the reveal that we will have test shots from the first Cosmic Legions wave available for sale! This is actually a bit of a throwback to the first Mythic Legions wave, when we surprised fans with a limited drop of test shots of that entire set a few months before the normal figures began to ship.

In addition to the Cosmic sale, you can see on the schedule that we will also be selling test shots from a pair of Mythic Legions waves – Illythia and Deluxe Legion Builders, as well as test shots of the Figura Obscura Headless Horseman set and the LegionsCon 2022 figures as test shots!

As in the past, these test shots are produced in very low numbers, and buyers will be limited to 1 of any figure, and a maximum of 2 test shots for each week of these sales!

The fourth week of this sales blitz will feature the “standard” versions of the characters originally released at LegionsCon 2022 – the Unknown One and the Furious Four!

Check out for more details on these 4 Weeks of Four Horsemen Sales!