Project Action Figure presents: The Visual Checklists Compendium

January 24, 2023

Since I can remember, I’ve always been an “out of the box” collector… and yet, if you opened my drawers as a kid, you were meant to find all the cardboard blisters carefully -and alphabetically- stored within.

“So, you were a weird kid” you may be thinking, and what I have to answer is, maybe, but also that it was the point you could backtrack to, to realize that I was actually saving the OG checklists! Those holy grails of information that, turns out, I’ve always been absolutely fond of.

Let’s fast forward to 2020: when McFarlane Toys is starting to show that they’re completely serious about making the worth of their new license: DC Multiverse, with an avalanche of release after release that it was getting, quite frankly, very hard to keep track of. Enter The Voice of Reason, one of the first big names in the McFarlane community to feed us news, leaks, and yes: the first DCM checklist. Patrick, even though the big overlords were unkind to you, for what it counts, you will always be the MVP, and this one I dedicate to you.

He reminded me that checklists were a thing, and still super cool and useful to my eyes. They also awakened an obsessive need for even more info, tracking, etc. So around September 2020 -according to my files- I sat down until 1 am and finished my first version. What started as a personal project for my own use, spread pretty quickly into the McFarlane Toys community, and I haven’t stopped ever since: updating and iterating, making them year after year, tracking leaks, adding new lines…

The “how it started, how’s it going” meme, visual checklist edition.

And then we reach this point. I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of this site’s staff almost since the beginning, and to start the year with a bang, both Travis and Tony were kind enough to ask me if I wanted to put the lists here (you’re both silly as hell too, I’d be crazy to refuse!), so moving forward, you can expect to find all of them here, with the most recent updates in their brand new section: CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE GOODIES!

Let me indulge for another paragraph before I finish, and take a moment to thank all the collectors who use these, and take their time to comment or share them. To the other fansites and friends who put them up on their profiles and spread ’em among their communities. And to Uncle Todd’s crew, who even made one in their first year and then realized it was too much trouble to continue, lol. Anyway.

I’ve never discarded the option to make new, different ones, so if you are fond of any line, put down a suggestion in the comments below, and we’ll see what we can do. And as I’ve said from the start… Enjoy, and I hope they serve you well!