Batman: Hush 12″ Posed Figure by McFarlane Toys is Live for Pre-Order

ByBass Mendoza

January 27, 2023 ,

I’m gonna share with you guys a little behind-the-scenes secret… we have been debating about the statues, vinyls, and other collectibles for a while, given that.. you know we’re ProjectActionFigure -emphasis on the figure- and we’ve decided to stick to that.

But given that I’m a sucker for some very specific things (and all things Batman), I have a little loophole that completely applies to this release: first, it’s a DC Multiverse release, and I can’t keep away from those! Second, it does have a single point of articulation (or so it seems) in the head, so yey, it does count as a figure, and thus we find ourselves here, ready to let you know that you can push the button and pre-order this beauty now.

McFarlane Toys – DC Multiverse 12in – Batman Posed Figure (Batman: Hush)

March 2023 – $39,99.-

Amazon | Big Bad Toy Store | Entertainment Earth | GameStop | McFarlane Toys Store | Target

If you’re not yet familiar with the concept, McFarlane’s “Posed Figures” are basically PVC statues: great, detailed sculpting on a bigger scale, made out of the same plastic material as the regular 7in figures that lets them sell for cheaper prices than the resin, more delicate, statues.

Onto the release itself, we’re getting a classic, blue variant suit from the Jim Lee era, and specifically his magnum opus, Batman: Hush. Although the likeness to his art is not 100% spot on, is definitely a very good-looking figure, great details on it -including a lot of battle damage on the suit- and a cool iconic pose that’s taken almost 1/1 from the Prime1 release, without leaving you with a 1k+ bill and an angry partner. Take a look, for the sake of comparison:


All in all, this looks like a no-brainer for any Batman fan. Are you getting yours?