Batman from the Dark Knight Trilogy Build-A wave Revealed

After some blurry pictures from NYCC last year, and a leaked in-hand one from a couple of weeks ago, we now have our first official look at Christian Bale’s Batman from The Dark Knight, in all its “replicating an epic scene” glory.

We’re also getting some more details like it’s now confirmed that he will be a part of a new BAF wave, that will span the whole trilogy of Christopher Nolan’s movies. We know that Scarecrow (Batman Begins), The Joker (The Dark Knight), and Two-Face (The Dark Knight) are going to be the accompanying figures that will come with a piece to assemble Bane (The Dark Knight Rises), making him the first standard-sized BAF release so far; this is, of course, an assumption, considering what we saw at NYCC, and that these waves are usually 4 figures and one BAF.

We could be seeing the rest of the wave in the upcoming days, and with a very busy March calendar for pre-orders, these should be more in tune with an April date of arrival.

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    1. I got excited for a second too, but no… with a closer inspection, it’s exactly that: standard rigid plastic being grabbed to match the dynamic pose; you can even see that they’re pushing the limit at the base of the shoulders T_T

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