Power-Con 2023 Exclusives: Demistros


February 10, 2023

Four Horsemen Toy Design, creators of Mythic Legions, Figura Obscura, and the upcoming Cosmic Legions, has released high quality images of their own Power-Con 2023 exclusive – Demistros.  After teasing this exclusive last month they now have details that should answer many questions for their enthusiastic fan base.

Demistros is a brand new stand alone character created by the studio.  He is not part of Mythic or Cosmic Legions (but will fit in perfectly of course).  Also worth noting he is not a tribute to any existing characters.  Instead, the Four Horsemen describe this villain as “created in the spirit of the action figure toy lines that so many of us remember from our youth. Whatever world Demistros may exist in, you can guarantee he is working to overthrow it, just as you can rest assured that there are heroic champions ready to thwart his evil plans!”  And that sounds good to me.

There will be two versions of Demistros available for collectors.  The “show version” will only be sold at Power-Con and will have special packaging and secret (for now) additional exclusive items included.  There will also be a “standard version” available direct from The Four Horsemen after Power-Con.  The promotional images in the gallery below are of the “standard version” but everything shown is also included in the “show version”.  Enjoy the images of this awesome exclusive coming to Power-Con August 11-13 in Columbus Ohio!