Struggling For The Perfect Gift? McFarlane Toys Sees You

February 10, 2023

Tis the season for love!  Valentines Day is quickly approaching and all of the last minute shoppers may have been saved by a very unlikely source – Todd McFarlane.  Yes, the artist and toy creator has dropped a new item on McFarlane Toys Store that is sure to melt the heart of your loved one (because who doesn’t love gold?).  Now available for purchase is a complete end cap display shipper that was previously exclusive to Target stores in the US.  Your loved one will receive six of each of the following Gold Label exclusives:  Deathstroke (Defiance), Wonder Woman (Endless Winter), Black Adam (with throne), and Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern).  That’s in addition to the red shipper to display your 24 (not carat) Gold Label figures.

With McFarlane Toys Store reputation for high shipping costs I had to add one to cart and see.  The lowest option was through FedEx and was only 49.76 (which considering the size and weight really isn’t that outrageous).  After taxes my total was slightly over 560.00.  The ever-dependable discount code MTS10 is active on this purchase and by using it I was able to reduce my total to 510.00.  There is a limit of one per customer on this shipper.  If you’re feeling extra loving this season, click here to order your end-cap shipper today!