First Look at The Flash Movie Figure by McFarlane Toys

February 14, 2023 , ,

Things are starting to light speed on the marketing department of the upcoming Flash movie, and it seems that for once there may be some sort of coordination with licensees, as McFarlane Toys joined on the hype train last night, giving us a first glimpse of the prime Barry, The Flash figure.

Now, before I say anything about the figure itself -and I know you’re talking- let’s remember that this is severely photoshopped with the video effects and all and the final result may end up looking better, but… oh boy.

I admit, the new suit looks out of this world, certainly not something as simple to translate onto plastic, but I would at least expect a couple of extra cents on the paint for the yellow light streaks that he sports on most of the shots, and the headsculpt looks like a step back from the likeness effort that some other figures have been sporting lately.

I’ll refrain from going further, as I said, a lot of figures that looked worrisome in promo pics ended up being amazing in hand. Let’s just hope, because according to the rumors, we have a lot of figures and vehicles coming up soon!