Masterverse Exclusive Dark-Lyn Available Today Featuring Plastic-Free Packaging


February 14, 2023

The latest Mattel Creations Masters of the Universe exclusive is available today at noon EST/9 AM PST.  As revealed last week, this new exclusive is from the Masterverse line and is Dark-Lyn from Masters of the Universe: Revelation.  If you are unfamiliar with the story, Evil-Lyn claimed the Power of Grayskull transforming her into the Eternian Goddess Dark-Lyn.  Being super-charged not only changed her appearance but also her sized and this exclusive will reflect that as a 7 1/2″ deluxe release.

If you are a MOTU collector you are probably aware of the extra care Mattel and their artists/designers put into the packaging of most Masters of the Universe exclusives.  Brown shipper boxes with artwork, packaging that lights up (Scare Glow), fold-out packaging loaded with beautiful art (Camo Khan), etc.  The overall resume is pretty impressive when you look back at the various releases.  Dark-Lyn will be continuing that tradition and possibly even starting a new trend for Mattel.  She will be the first Masters of the Universe release to try “plastic-free” packaging.  Hasbro collectors are already familiar with this as they’re roughly a year into the plastic-free packaging experiment.  And now Mattel will try it out, at least on Dark-Lyn.

Will this become a thing going forward with future retail releases?  I do not have that answer for you.  Either way, it is happening with this exclusive and thanks to Mattel’s packaging designer @manuel_eduardo_cartias posting a video we have pictures to share with you.

Dark-Lyn will include a wired soft goods skirt and cape, goddess armor, 3 sets of swappable hands, removable head, and 2 energy effects that fit over the hands in addition to a cardboard backdrop for display.  As previously mentioned, she will be a deluxe figure at 7 1/2″ tall and the packaging shipper features colored artwork recreating the scene from MOTU: Revelation™ when Evil-Lyn takes power from Skeletor and transforms into Dark-Lyn.  There is a limit of three per customer and each retails for 33.00 plus shipping.

Click here to order your’s at noon EST today!