You may remember our article on the recent reveal of 2023 Power-Con exclusive Demistros, and how later there would be a “standard” version available for order.  Well the time has come for the 2022 LegionsCon exclusive “standard” releases: The Unknown One and Furious Four figures. Here’s the official announcement concerning The Unknown One:

Coming this Saturday at is the “standard” version of THE UNKNOWN ONE!

This character, which was designed by our very own Bill Mancuso, made his debut at LegionsCon 2022 as a special boxed version for the show. This standard release is the same figure, presented on a normal Deluxe card and minus the pieces that were only part of the show edition (skull head and neck and soft goods skirt are NOT included in this version).

The standard edition of The Unknown One will be $45 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). He will join the standard editions of the other LegionsCon 2022 figures, the Furious Four, in Saturday’s sale drop. Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, 2/18
Time: 12pm EST

Note that these standard editions are ONLY available from StoreHorsemen. We do have a good quantity IN STOCK to sell, and the items will not sell out in minutes like the test shot sales of the past few weeks. That being said, if you want your Unknown One or Furious Four figures, we suggest you visit StoreHorsemen this Saturday and make your purchase! Purchases limits are a max of 12 (yes, twelve) of each per person for the first 24 hours.

Shipping on these figures will begin shortly after the sale is done. Due to quantity of orders, shipments could take a few weeks to complete

And if you are unfamiliar with the Furious Four mentioned above, here’s a reminder with some pics and information from the Four Horsemen in January:

These standard editions come in normal packaging, and they do not include the show exclusive pieces (the Unknown One offered in this sale will NOT come with the skeleton head/neck or the soft goods skirt and the Furious Four figures do not include the Jaguallian cat head and tail).
The Furious Four characters are being sold as 2 different figures. The “Lord Bushotee/Pelvicus” set includes the single body to make those figures and both of the heads, while the “Peteorionn/Uuwitt” set includes the other single body and both of the heads for those characters (as shown in this image).
One fun note on these Furious Four standard editions – we intentionally packaged them with different heads on the figures than what came in the LegionsCon show version 2-pack. That means that if you have that 2-pack, you can display these singles beside it to have all 4 of these characters represented! See the photo here for how that looks!


By Travis