First Look: McFarlane Donna Troy TITANS Build-A wave!⁠ ⁠


February 18, 2023

McFarlane did another surprise weekend reveal today, and gave us our first glimpse at Donna Troy™ from the upcoming TITANS™ Build-A wave!⁠

This is the first I can recall hearing about a Titans wave, and I”m not sure if they”re referencing the comic series, or the TV show. If it’s Titans Earth 7, shouldn’t her costume be red? If it’s the TV series, the timing seems strange, as they have announced that with the reconfiguration of the DC Universe, that the 5th season of Titans will be it’s final (as well as Doom Patrol). It doesn’t look like the costume that Donna Troy wears in the series.

It appears to be based on this version of Wondergirl

The image of the figure is co-branded to WB, so perhaps we’re getting a glimpse at a new season 5 costume. I’m not sure. It’s a good looking figure, and I’m happy to get some of the lesser known characters in the DC lineup. The wave is supposed to include Dick, Donna, Raven, and Garth, with a Trigon BAF. If you know, leave it in the comments.