Almighty Legends Kickstarter Begins

February 23, 2023

PAF reader Daniel alerted me to a new kickstarter focusing on creating a new action figure line titled Almighty Legends.  After reading through and checking out what looks to be a very cool start for a new toy line, I believe this bit from the Kickstarter says it best:

Welcome to our Kickstarter! Our goal is to deliver a unique and thoughtful action figure line that will create a positive change in the way collectors, both young and seasoned, collect and play. Almighty Legends aims to blend the greatest story ever told with the youthful imagination of those that love classic action figures. These figures are based on the Bible and take a legendary approach. 

Enter the world of Almighty Legends, where ancient truth and myth tell a story beyond time. These action figures will fill the imagination of both the 1:12 scale collector and the classic 1:18th as well.  The first series of figures includes the 3 Archangels, Gabriel the Messenger, Michael the Defender, and Raphael the Healer. They are followed by the 4 Horsemen, War, Conquest, Famine, and Death(Azrael).

To check out and potentially back this new kickstarter and bring Almighty Legends to fruition click here.  There’s many, MANY options available along with a bunch of stretch goals.  Definitely give them a look, here’s a little preview of what they’re up to: