Legends of Dragonore – Dragonhunt Debut At Zolocon

February 26, 2023

As the release of the first Legends of Dragonore wave keeps getting closer it was only a matter of time until Formo Toys shared more on their upcoming plans for this new action figure line.  First previewed at last year’s Power-Con, we now know a few details on these new dragon action figure additions.  The dragons will be named Pyrant, Lord of Desolation and Scorchwing (no mention of Ignytor who seems to be renamed Pyrant now).  These dragons are rideable (with saddle accessory!) but can also stand and fight alongside the other characters.  It’s a really cool idea that is coming along great!  Check out the pictures shared by Formo Toys of these three new figures from the Dragonhunt wave and as always – more info to come!