First Look: Flash Movie Figures and Batmobile have Appeared On


March 14, 2023

We get our first look at the figures from the upcoming The Flash Movie, from McFarlane DC Multiverse line.
The Flash is set to release June 16, 2023.

A couple of spoilers to note. Armored Flash actually looks to be a modified batsuit. If you look closely, you’ll see the 89 Batman logo under the painted Flash logo. This also appears to be McFarlane’s first time doing cloth capes, instead of plastic. The Batmobile is a jaw dropping 22.5 inches long. And armored batman is Batman v. Superman’s armored Batsuit, but with the normal Bat cowl.

The Flash Movie Dark Flash 7IN

The Flash Movie Batman 7IN

The Flash Movie The Flash 7IN

The Flash Movie Flash Armored 7IN

The Flash Movie Armored Batman  7IN

The Flash Movie Super Girl 7IN

The Flash Movie The Batmobile