DC Multiverse: Vampire Joker and Shazam’s Wonder Woman Spotted In Stores

March 16, 2023 , ,

Scout your shelves folks, because you may find two unexpected residents there.

Earlier this month, a “new” release of Wonder Woman appeared online. At first, the community wasn’t sure about its legitimacy, but now they’ve started to appear in stores -and of course with the cameo all but confirmed now- it’s time to hunt for those. Even though the body is the exact same one from the first WW84 release, this version sports a brand new facesculpt with a removable tiara that doesn’t wear that paint app that looked like a severe rash, and it kinda looks like a better attempt at Gal Gadot’s likeness.

And then we have the Walmart exclusive Gold Label Vampire Joker. He was announced back in February with a vague “coming soon” promise, but he has skipped that and showed up, fangs and all into the retailer toy aisles. Now, I may be mad as hell that he’s not a “canon” thing in the DC vs Vampire’s comic, but he does look cool and is the perfect companion for the Vampire Bats and the upcoming rumored Vampire Superman (if you’re into that kind of stuff).

So keep your eyes open, and let us know if you get lucky this weekend!