Mattel’s 2023 Fall MOTU Catalog – What’s Left?

March 21, 2023

Yesterday Mattel released their 2023 Fall catalog for Masters of the Universe and as you probably know by now – it was pretty spectacular.  I had planned on writing an article today about the upcoming releases and then bam…Mattel releases it all for pre-order.  Well, most of it anyhow.  So I thought we’d take a look at what was revealed and not yet popped up as well as where to purchase (if we know!)

From the Origins pre-orders we know this breakdown:

Wave 13

  • Young King Randor (from MOTU 200X)
  • Slamurai
  • Snake Teela
  • Snake Trooper

Wave 14

  • Eternian Guard Infiltrator
  • Snake Armor Man-At-Arms
  • Spikor
  • Sssqueeze

Deluxe Wave 7

  • Dragon Blaster Skeletor
  • Snake Face

Online exclusives (non-major retail outlets)

  • Snake Men Bundle
  • Skeletor and Screech
  • Skeleton Warrior 2-Pack

The Talon Fighter has also popped up at stores like EE and BBTS.  BBTS has it listed as an exclusive as well but I cannot confirm this as I’m unsure of it’s status.  This leaves us with Snake Mountain, Man E Faces (Mini Comic), Rulers of the Sun 3-pack, and Flocked Moss Man.  Snake Mountain will be a regular release (all major retailers should have it).  Flocked Moss Man is an upcoming War-Mart exclusive.  We’re down to two now and I’m not certain on these.  With the first Rulers of the Sun 3-pack being a Target exclusive it would not surprise me to see this as one too.  Man E Faces in mini comic form was on Amazon early today but now that the case assortments have been released he’s nowhere to be found.  Your guess is as good as mine on this…anyways, here’s a better look at the Rulers of the Sun 3-Pack before we move on to the Masterverse.

Now let’s check out the Masterverse.  This line continues to look better and better with age, there are some very nice releases in this batch.  We’ll start off with what we know from pre-orders.


Wave 9

  • Buzz-Off (New Eternia)
  • Classic Mer-Man (Revelation)
  • Faker (New Eternia)
  • Grizzlor (Princess of Power)

Wave 10

  • Clamp Champ (Revelation)
  • Prince Adam (Revelation)
  • Horde Skeletor (Revelation)
  • Webstor (New Eternia)


  • Clawful
  • Ram Man

Only three remain: Oversized Whiplash, Deluxe Slush Head, and New Adventures Skeletor.  I do not know where these will pop up 100 percent (or even 100 percent they are exclusive…) but I’m looking for Whiplash, Slush Head and Skeletor at Target stores.  Mattel Creations is always a possibility with exclusives as well, but seeing as we know of a couple on the way and none were pictured in the Fall catalog I’m guessing they didn’t include any of their own exclusives.  We’ll see.

Look for updates as we learn more on a major portion of 2023’s Masters of the Universe releases!