More New MOTU Pre-Orders Hit EE (Including Exclusives)


March 21, 2023

Amazon kicked off today’s marathon of new Masters of the Universe pre-orders (early of course) and now it’s after 9 AM and the rest are up. ┬áHere’s what EE has to offer including image galleries for each:

Point Dread and Talon Fighter

Preorder EE – 44.99 (expected July)

Snake Men 4-Pack (Exclusive)

Pre-order EE – 64.99 (expected September)

Skeletor and Screeech (Exclusive)

Pre-order EE – 29.99 (expected July)

Skeleton Warrior 2-Pack (Exclusive)

Pre-order EE – 31.99 (expected September)

Deluxe Wave 7

Dragon Blaster Skeletor

Pre-order EE – 24.99 (expected July)

Snake Face

Pre-order EE – 24.99 (expected July)

Deluxe Masterverse

Clawful (New Eternia)

Pre-order EE – 36.99 (expected July)

Ram Man (New Eternia)

Pre-order EE – 36.99 (expected July)