Rumor Roundup: DC Multiverse (2nd of April)

It’s been a while since we last dabbed into the leaky land of rumors; most of the figures we discussed back in November have become a reality and some are even on our shelves already. Even the crazier stuff like The Flash Batmobile and Batwing, which kept us guessing if they were going to be the first “fake” rumors are closer than ever to making us poorer but very, very happy.

This year is no different, with a wide assortment of new rumors: some on the production or finished stages, and some old ones that we haven’t heard in a while -but if I take off the list, some of you chop my head off!! just kidding… sort of-.

Let’s take a look at the new stuff first, courtesy of jwmp_show:

Thanks to his in-hand photos we’re seeing the return of the Dark Flash variants, one of those weird omissions that Todd has from time to time; the OG one was released back in August of last year, and through all the promo pics, it showed us not one, but two different headsculpts that never came to be, until now. This will probably work as the Robin Crow releases from a couple of years ago, so prepare yourselves for the hunt… or to pay serious scalper prices.

Next, we have a New 52 Cyborg Superman that looks wicked, even if it’s not the classic version that most of the Supes fans were waiting (I know that some of you are really struggling with the “odd” designs that have been picked rather than the Death of Superman ones). According to jwmp, this one will come in a multipack with a Solar Suit Superman with a variant mulleted headsculpt. I’m just gonna leave it there, rather than rant about the inaccuracy of such pair.

The Dark Knight Trilogy… To nobody’s surprise, this wave turned out to be major fire, and there are lots of ways to milk those molds. Apparently, both Joker and Bane will get the “retooling” treatment with a bank robber and a “sonar” variant for the first (I do believe this may actually be from the interrogation scene or something like that, rather than the final confrontation), and a coated version for the latter. And here I am, just waiting for a Batman Begins suit…

Talking about Batsy, we move on to the fellas who actually want to be him. There are rumors about some Battle for the Cowl figures -back when Batman died in 2009, and everybody wanted a shot at replacing him- one is Two-Face, and an older whisper I heard about was Jason Todd. The old DC Direct figures are amazing, and scoring one at eBay costs around 100 bucks, so it would be great to get new ones. And then there’s yet another Azrael! Remember when it was super rare to get a figure of him? Anyway, this one allegedly will be of the Batsuit used during Knightquest, the follow-up to Knightfall.

To wrap up the latest bat-rumors, there’s a potential Justice Buster megafig, from the Endgame storyline of Scott Snyder’s magnum opus that I beg to come to fruition because I love the design and hate the previous Mattel’s BAF.. Then there’s the Batman/Spawn two-pack that’s a no-brainer after last’s year comic event success.

There’s also word of a Blue Beetle and Carapax, most probably from the BB movie (if they can time the announcement with tomorrow’s first trailer, it would be super dope!); Carapax could be a Megafig, and there’s also talks about an Anti Monitor one that definitely needs to be a 12″ release, no matter the version they decide to go with. And last but not least, the draculean heroes and villains are still strong with a potential Green Lantern. I’m still trying not to spoil that comic story for you, but let me just shout “FINALLY!” with this one.

I’m going to share the rest of the leaks below without commentary since we’ve touched upon them already, but still, it’s good to keep our hopes up for an upcoming confirmation on them.


And that’s it for the start of April -and it’s no joke-, let us know which ones you are looking forward to the most!!

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  1. It’s not the cyborg Superman I wanted…. but I’m happy to get it, and if they do a repop, I’m happy to buy it twice

    1. Every time I see one of those I’m first thought is “they failed my boy Tony”

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