ALL STARS 6 VOTNG – It’s time for Legionnaires to vote on their choices for Mythic Legions All Stars! If you’ve been part of this process in past years, you likely know what to expect – somewhat. We always like to mix things up and add some surprises, and this year is no different! You can see the roster of characters we have chosen for this year’s battle in the image above. You will also notice the new “All Stars Alumni” category – something we have never done before!

LEGION BUILDER MONTH – As if the news about All Stars 6 was not cool enough, we have also decided to make May “Legion Builder” month! For May 2023 only, the Deluxe Legion Builders wave will be on sale via many of our Approved Retailers! The Deluxe Dwarf, Skeleton, Gladiator, Goblin, Dark Templar, and Barbarian will each be $34.99 via any of our Approved Retailers who elect to participate in this promotion.

Get more details on BOTH these exciting events for May 2023, including how All Stars 6 voting emails are sent, at

By tgreco