Two years ago Hasbro announced a huge new addition to Transformer collections around the world:  The Ark.  The Autobot Ark was a huge addition in two ways, it’s actual size (Titan class) and its reveal.  Fans had seen the Ark many, many times throughout their lifetimes in the various Transformers animation and now it was finally time to “park the Ark” into our Robots in Disguise collections.

Today, Hasbro has once again brought us back to the same situation, but now from the Decepticons with the announcement of the Nemesis in the current Legacy Evolution line.  Like the Ark, the Nemesis has been re-created into a robot in disguise and looks really cool as a starship.  The Transformers Legacy Evolution Decepticon Nemesis Titan is expected to arrive at retail stores everywhere this September at a MSRP of 199.99.  Preorder links listed below along with the official description from Hasbro Pulse and really awesome image gallery.

Preorder Links:  Hasbro Pulse: 199.99 – EE: 199.99 – Amazon: 199.99

The battle is evolving with the Transformers Legacy Evolution Titan Class Decepticon Nemesis action figure! The Nemesis strikes fear into the sparks of anyone bold enough to cross the Decepticon ship. She despises the Autobots and is poised to take down any who stand in the way of Decepticon victory. Celebrate the last 40 years of Transformers history with Transformers Legacy action figures for boys and girls. Transformers Legacy opens the portal to a whole new universe of — More Than Meets the Eye — bringing together every generation of Transformers like you’ve never seen before. Collect and combine different characters to create your ideal Legacy lineup.

Includes figure, 13 accessories, and instructions.

  • THE NEMESIS BECOMES A ROBOT: The legendary Decepticon ship, the Nemesis, is now a Transformers robot! This Decepticon Nemesis figure is inspired by The Transformers animated series
  • 2 EPIC MODES: Adult collectible Transformers action figure converts from ship to robot mode in 36 steps. This figure stands at 23.5 inches tall in robot mode!
  • AWESOME ACCESSORIES: Comes with ship tower and 5 blaster accessories and 4 Seeker micro figures that plug into ports on the figure’s ship mode. Ship wings split apart to become blaster and axe accessories
  • COOL BATTLE FEATURES: Ship mode features landing gear and a flip-down ramp. Fit the included Seeker micro figures inside the ship mode Transformers G1 action figure for adults

By Travis