Super Powers Exclusive Black Manta


May 5, 2023

Earlier today we learned a lot about the future of McFarlane’s DC Direct Super Powers line.  First, the line is no longer exclusive to Wal-Mart.  It is now available at most major retailers.  We also learned the next wave will consist of two repaints: Batman is now a lighter gray and blue while Wonder Woman has a more classic comic look along with a blue cape.  This wave will also have two new figures: Aquaman and Robin (Tim Drake).  McFarlane also revealed two new vehicles for the line: Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet and the Batmobile.  While we thought the reveal was over it seems they had one more secret to reveal.  While the line isn’t Wal-Mart exclusive in general, it will have exclusive releases (with the first one being to Wal-Mart ironically).  Yes, the fifth new figure reveal for the DC Direct Super Powers line is an exclusive Black Manta to make life hell for the new Aquaman.  It’s great to see this line continue on and hopefully there’s more similar announcements in the near future.