Emails went out today to would-be backers notifying them they would not be charged, or if you are outside of the US your money would be refunded in the next 3-5 days.  Very unfortunate, I really wish they would have included different action figures from the start.  With the right combination I think this would have made it.  But there’s already alot of Ultimate Edition Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior action figures.  Even those these may have been different, they are still another Hulk and UItimate Warrior.  What if the first release was Sting (unless there’s a rights issue with his name) or another star from that time period (you choose)who was on the WCW side?  DDP and Steiner moving up helped but I still think:  no Hulk, no Ultimate Warrior, 2 other WCW characters = funded.  Maybe so, maybe not.


By tgreco