The next step in Project Action Figure is now open: the PAF Store!  For over a little over a year we have worked with various retailers, distributors, and some of your favorite companies to bring this to life.  In the PAF Store you’ll find a variety of action figures, accessories, and supplies to add to your collection.  We will always sell at MSRP (or below when possible!) to try and bring you the best deals on many collectibles you can’t purchase at the big name retail stores.  And for the ones you can, we will try and stock some of those as well!  To launch this new part of PAF we have brought you some sweet deals…of course.  Some of these are VERY limited (like less than 10 available limited) but we have obtained what we can to bring these to you at great prices.

We only ship within the U.S. at this time.  Shipping is a flat rate of 7.99.  We hope to keep it at this price, as shipping can be quite expensive at times.  But we do hope to keep it at this flat rate, or possibly even lower?!  Time will tell on this one.

If you are a toy or toy accessory manufacturer, and think your action figures, accessories, or supplies may fit into our store please don’t hesitate to contact

Also, I would personally love any and all feedback!  What items should we be carrying?  What improvements/changes would you recommend to the store?  This has been a very long “project” and I want it to be an easy, great experience for anyone who chooses to purchase.  So all feedback, good and bad, is greatly appreciated!  Email me direct at

We will still continue to provide daily news, our resources such as the PAF Vault, and post links for obtaining items at other stores (if you follow us on Facebook you are familiar with the various in-stock heads up!)  Nothing is changing, we are just providing you another option to purchase.

We want to continue to provide daily news and our growing resources to you ad-free along with expanding even further!  We have some pretty big plans/things on the way and hope you are enjoying what we provide so far.  I’ll also note that we are also still looking to add a couple more to our staff.  If you’re interested, please reach out to me  And with that, I’ll let you head to the store to have a look around!

By Travis