ThreezeroHK collaboration is here! Available now through July 12th, pre-order the Transformers MDLX Starscream By Threezero; the treacherous Decepticon Air Commander and leader of the Seekers. MDLX Starscream stands approximately 7.8” (20cm) tall to the top of his wings, and is equipped with Threezero’s signature Die-cast Zinc Alloy and engineering-grade plastics internal frame system with over 50 points of articulation. Accessories include two interchangeable faces, detachable back wing system, two detachable null-ray cannons, two detachable Threezero original design blades, and so much more! Check it out on Hasbro Pulse now.

Transformers: MDLX Starscream By Threezero $119.99

By Slappin