It’s time to round-up some new recruits and boost your western scenes…Chicken Fried Toys are holding a limited sale on their awesome 3 3/4″ line Dime Novel Legends.  This special sale lasts an unspecified amount of time and saves 5.00 – 10.00 on each figure or accessory set.  These are only on select items to help clear out some warehouse space with some new cowboys on the way to fill it back up.  Click here to check out ALL of their in-stock items, sale and regular price or on the links below for the individual sale items.  Here’s what’s up for grabs:

The Gunfighter – 20.00

The Gunfighter is a laconic and slow to anger right hand of the Head Honcho. When moved to act, his responses are swift and often lethal for those in his sights!






The Head Honcho – 20.00


Jockular on the outside, he seems an amiable sort, loquacious and garrulous. Do not forget that the Head Honcho is savvy enough to lead a gang of no-good outlaws, and sharp enough to do it well!






The Prospector – 20.00


Hard living and a stubborn mule were the order of the day for this “strike it rich” old-timer. No town is complete without a handful of “old codgers”, who were looking to “strike it rich!” as the nation expanded West.






The Sheriff – 20.00


The Sheriff MAY be more concerned with fashion, status, and politics, than actually doing the work of a frontier lawman. Not always to be trusted to put the best interests of his constituents before his own personal peccadillos.






The Vaquero – 20.00


The Southwest owes it’s culture to the Vaqueros who rode North working cattle herds and creating the cowboy culture as we know it. Our Vaquero is spit-shined up and ready for a Saturday night at the cantina, playing cards, dancing with senoritas, and maybe having a shot of mezcal!!






The Ties That Bind – 10.00


Includes Yellow Bandana, Faded Red Bandana, Black Cravat w/ Stick Pin, Maroon Cravat, Sage Purple Neckerchief, Black String Tie, Yellow Neckerchief, Brown String Tie




Haberdasher’s Holdout – 15.00


We all knew that hat-maker was a lil’ crazy from all them Mercury fumes he’s sniffin’ all day, but he done gone PLUM LOCO!”. It’s true, and it looks like we all get to benefit. Included in this Boot Hill Loot set are 6 unique FULLY painted hats in colors that will not be offered on any figure in the lineup (except the Kepi Hat).





Gunsmith’s Gear Bag – 15.00


I ain’t never seen a more jittery smithy! In fact, I’d say he’s the shakiest gun in the West if’n he ain’t working on them firearms he sells!”. It looks like Mr. Chicken has been holding back all the best gun hand gear! Included in this Boot Hill Loot set are 3 brand new design cartridge gun belts, paired with a spiffy new set of left and right “drop holsters” AND a matched pair of nickel plated/ivory gripped pistolas. Each belt and holster set is color matched, and FULLY painted.

By Travis

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  1. Thank you for the coverage, and note on the sale. We will probably tie this one up in about a week, as we look to the next thing. Appreciate the news flash!

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