Chicken Fried Toys, the creators of the super-cool 3.75 western themed action figure line Dime Novel Legends, has released preview images of their upcoming Jackrabbits.  Yes, mini jackrabbits are on the way and they look ridiculously fun.  These will be sold in blind bags and are in 3.75″ scale with articulation only at the neck.  None of the Jackrabbits are short packed and will be available in the future to purchase from their website.  If you are trying to get the full set, simply purchase 7 blind bags and they will send you one of each.  If ordering less you will receive them randomly.  Let’s take a quick look at each of these awesome little toys we all now need yet never knew we did.

The Jackalope


The Cave-Rabbit of Caerbannog




Plain Jackrabbit

By Travis

2 thoughts on “Dime Novel Legends Blind Bag Jackrabbits”
  1. A quick thank you for the coverage, but I did want to point out that the Jackrabbits are actually 1:18 scale…easy to confuse since half of the paint masters are on 108% scale resin hard copies. Again, thanks for the news flash!

    1. Thanks for the correction – I’ve edited the post. 3.75 or 6″ they still look like a lot of fun!

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