Target’s Summer Geek Out Kicks Off with Masters of the Universe


June 16, 2023

Today begins Target’s Summer Geek Out:  six consecutive weeks of new releases available online each Friday.  While these various collector events at the bullseye tend to be NECA heavy that doesn’t mean others aren’t invited to the party.  To kick off the event we have Mattel with three new Masters of the Universe pre-orders:  a second Rulers of the Sun 3-pack (with three all-new characters), and two Masterverse deluxe releases.

Rulers of the Sun 3-pack featuring Kikto, Holographo and Zap-Man

Pre-order link – 49.99

  • Futuristic scientist Holographo, from a distant part of the universe, can capture, freeze, and manipulate illusions with his lenticular-detailed chest shield. He’s also armed with a sword.
  • Kikto, the martial arts expert sworn to battle evil, comes armed with a knife, wrist and thigh armor and 4 “exploding” star discs. The discs fit onto the wrist armor.
  • Zap-Man is ready to fend off technological attacks. The micro-laser specialist is armed with an elaborate harness and wrist armor.

Masterverse Slush Head

Pre-order link – 32.99

  • This Masters of the Universe Masterverse Deluxe action figure of Slush Head is a collector must-have, with detailed design, extensive articulation and swappable heads, hands and accessories parts.
  • With 30 points of articulation, this Slush Head figure can strike virtually any pose for action play or a spectacular MOTU display. Luckily, he does NOT come with the foul stench of the Quagmi swamp!
  • He has many possible looks, with 2 heads and 3 sets of hands. His 4 tentacle arms can attach to his chest piece, the backpack or the swamp water breathing harness with dome. He’s armed with a battle axe gun blaster accessory.
  • The two heads he comes with are inspired by the animated New Adventures version of Slush Head.

Masterverse New Eternia Whiplash

Pre-order link – 32.99

  • This oversized Masters of the Universe fan-favorite villain Whiplash is a Masterverse figure and a collector must-have, with detailed design, extensive articulation and key storytelling accessories.
  • At 8.5 inches tall, this oversized New Eternia Whiplash will tower over other 7-inch scale Masterverse figures. The outsized design helps accentuate his monstrous body and destruction-ready tail.
  • With 30 points of articulation, this thrashing-tailed monster can strike doom-bringing poses for action play or a spectacular MOTU display.
  • This Masterverse action figure comes with great storytelling options via removable helmet, chest harness and belt armor, his classic spear, an axe, swappable hands and a torch with removable fire effect.