New Reveals for Indiana Jones Adventure Series

June 28, 2023

The final adventure for Indiana Jones begins this Friday, June 30, with Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.  Celebrating all things Indy, Hasbro launched a handful of all-new toys this year including a line aimed at younger kids, a new retro 3 3/4″ series, and the Adventure Series 6″ action figure line.  Today on their Pulse livestream, Hasbro’s Indiana Jones team revealed two new figures for the Dial of Destiny along with four from The Last Crusade creating a new six figure build-an-artifact wave featuring The Grail Table.  Pre-orders launch on June 29 at 1:00 PM EST for all retailers (no exclusives are in this group).  Here’s the six figures you’ll need to assemble The Grail Table:

The Last Crusade

Indiana Jones

His hero look from The Last Crusade features an open jacket with shirt and tie.  Indy includes a coiled whip and extended whip along with two other weapons.  His fedora hat is articulated with a ball joint connected to his head allowing for it to be posed in different ways separate of the head.

Dr. Elsa Schneider (Grail Temple)

The Hasbro Indy team chose this look because it’s her most action oriented look.  Dr. Elsa Schneider includes a swap-out head sculpt with removable goggles.

The Grail Knight

Includes sword with functioning sheath and the Holy Grail.  Intentionally created to look like he hasn’t seen the light of day in a while and has intricate detail in chain mail that flows but appears to have weight to it.

Henry Jones Sr.

Time to “Show some respect junior”, Dr. Henry Jones has arrived!  Comes with removable hat and glasses (glasses actually hook around ears).  Also includes briefcase, umbrella, and book.

The Dial of Destiny

Doctor Jurgen Voller

This new Indy villain comes with removable glasses (like Henry Jones Sr.) and briefcase.


Comes with removable hat and cane.  Extra attention was given to his partial beard to get the right effect.

The Grail Table – Build an Artifact