We’ve covered several collector funded big ticket collectibles in the past, but this one is possibly the most perplexing.

Mattel Creations had a very big bust, with the WWE Ultimate Edition WCW Monday Nitro Entrance Stage falling short of it’s goal with only 3,932 backers. But it had one big hurdle, and that was the $400 price tag.

Mattel Creations Jurassic Park Gates.
On paper, it would seem like a must have item. A Jurassic Park Playset that would let collectors really show off their collections in an impressive way, and pay homage to the movie that started it all. But it’s been met with a collective “meh”.

You would think this would be something that collectors would jump on. It’s motorized, plays music and lights up. It’s iconic. It’s big.

With it’s impressive size, in scale to the Hammond Collection figures, it’s reasonable price tag, and it’s solid value adding stretch goals, (at 8000 backers they throw in a T-Rex!) why is the Mattel Creations Jurassic Park Gate not getting backed?

Why Aren’t Fans Backing It?
We’re two weeks into the campaign, and only at 1,245 backers, 24% funded. Having tracked several of these campaigns, it seems doomed to fail. The only thing worse would be if it just barely meets its funding goal, and collectors feeling that the price tag isn’t justified by the product. I’ll be the first to admit, if it limps over the 5000 mark, and collectors only receive the gates and vehicle, it will feel overpriced, but if it makes it to 10,000 backers it seems like a steal.

Based on performance so far, that leaves a lot of questions that need to be asked:

Did Mattel not get the word out about this?
I honestly didn’t hear about it until a day after the campaign launched. And if I didn’t work on this site, I may never have heard about it until after it was a memory.

Is it lack of interest? Is the JP IP dead?
With no new movie in the theaters to stoke interest, and Jurassic World Dominion not exactly being revered as a classic, or even good despite it’s box office success (it currently has 29% Critic Score on Rotten Tomatoes), has Jurassic Park run it’s course?

Do collectors feel like the product doesn’t justify the price tag?
Are there features that collectors wanted that weren’t included? Is it too expensive? As I said above, if everything unlocks, it seems like a steal, otherwise, it does seem a bit pricey.

There are 18 days remaining in the campaign, and you can still back by following the link below.
Jurassic World The Gates Crowdfund

We really want to hear from you on this one. Let us know why you will or won’t be backing the Jurassic Park Gates in the comments.

Just as a reminder, the set includes:

  • Jurassic World Hammond Collection The Gates
  • Gates: H 20.7 inches x W 22.8 inches x D 12.1 inches
  • Two enclosure fences: H 9.0 inches x W 14.8 inches each
  • Accurately sculpted down to each crack and crevice
  • Motorized door gates with manual override to display the gates in any position
  • Flickering torch lights guide the way into the park
  • Gates also play the original movie theme music and ambient jungle sounds
  • Comes with Ford Explorer #5 (the one that was left unscathed)
  • Explorer made for 3.75-inch scale figures; H 4.3 inches x W 4.4 inches x L 10.5 inches
  • Action-figure scale Explorer features rubber tires and enhanced design details
  • Includes film-accurate hang tags, navigation screen, and antennas
  • At 5,000 backers, you unlock the Jurassic World motorized entrance gates and the Ford Explorer #5
  • At 6,000 backers, everyone receives a post-electrocution Tim figure and two enclosure fences
  • At 8,000 backers, we’ll add the Hammond Collection “Buck” T. rex featured in The Lost World: Jurassic Park
  • At 10,000 backers, the set is complete with a Lex figure and goat with removable hind leg

Early Funding Bonus: If we reach 5,000 backers in the first two weeks (by July 11), everyone, including international fans, receives a set of six Jurassic Park Paddock Signs