Mattel Creations Exclusive Masterverse Motherboard


July 17, 2023

Just in time for SDCC, the Mattel Creations exclusive MOTU Masterverse Motherboard 12″ action figure will be available July 21 at noon EST (9am PST).  This is the largest Masterverse release to date with wings that expand 24″ wide.  Here are the official details by Mattel along with a link for Friday to pick one up for 65.00 (limit two per customer).

Inspired by Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Motherboard is the new threat to Eternia. This Masterverse figure brings the mechanical winged woman bearing the sigil of The Evil Horde to life at 12 inches tall. This “true form” of Motherboard makes a dramatic statement with multi-feathered wings that expand to 24 inches wide. It’s a great gift and a must-have for fans and collectors.

  • Masters of the Universe® Masterverse ™ Motherboard™ Action Figure 
  • Largest-ever Masterverse figure, towering over other characters in the line 
  • Highly detailed sculpting and deco; soft goods cape with printed graphics 
  • Wings, cape, collar, and cables are connected to a removable back peg 
  • Features 30 points of articulation and includes set of swappable hands 
  • Packaging inspired by the scene in which Screeech transforms into Motherboard 
  • Package: 8.2” W x 8.2” D x 13.58” H 

Includes display stand with etched techno details. Other figures not included.

Mattel Creations link – 65.00