For those of you who follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably noticed recently my new random reviews.  For those who don’t, they’re shorter reviews on different new action figures, shorter mainly because of the limitations of social media.  I’m working on getting many more of these done, nothing that will be on a schedule but definitely more frequent because I’m way behind on some stuff.  So look for more of those in the very near future.  Now that you’re up to date, I’ve decided to start posting these here as well, but with content I had to eliminate.  Like a director’s cut I guess.  And with that said, here’s my first Closer Look, this time focusing on the new G.I. Joe Classified release – #69 Arctic B.A.T.

The fourth B.A.T. variant in G.I. Joe Classified is now available: #69 Arctic B.A.T. This snow-specialist comes with swap out white chest plates (one damaged, one clean) along with a new accessory for covering the inner workings of the robot’s chest – an unpainted gray armor piece. The past trio of B.A.T.’s included three swap out hand attachments: a claw, flame-thrower, and laser. The Arctic B.A.T. includes none of these but does come with a new attachment – a chainsaw. The backpack included is the standard one with other B.A.T. releases molded in a plain gray plastic. The new chainsaw does not fit into any of the slots but will hang from the upside down peg. Mine didn’t fit on super tight, so you may have falling chainsaw attachment problems.  Also included is the standard pistol (in gray plastic) and a new rifle with folding tripod and strap.  The strap is somewhat awkward but it does the job.

Previous B.A.T.s also included a regular, clean helmet/head with a damaged variant. The Arctic B.A.T. is different here too as it comes with a very “robotic” headsculpt and has a clean helmet as it’s swap out. It’s a nice change-up and the new robot head looks great. If you wish to, you can swap out parts from any previous B.A.T.s as well. I included a picture of the various hand attachments as well as one with various chest plates. Since they all use the same sculpt, you can switch around the heads, hands, attachments, chest plates, and other accessories to build a custom load-out for your B.A.T. These are going to look great with the other snow-lovin figures are released later in the year. Winter is coming and the Arctic B.A.T. is a release you are going to want at least one of if you’re into the Classified line. Now to wait for the Serpents so we can have snowboarding Arctic B.A.T.S!

This new release has been added to our ever-growing PAF Vault.  Also speaking of the PAF Vault, we are currently working hard to get the G.I. Joe Classified Vault up-to-date.  More updates on this as we continue to focus on completing out this Vault.  And, if you’re a Masters of the Universe Origins fan, you might be interested in checking out its Vault as well.  It’s getting close!