Figures feature Quicksilver, Steelheart, Mon*Star, and Buzz-Saw with all-new deco and weapon birds based on the iconic 1980s toy line. Steelheart and Quicksilver feature limited articulation in order to be presented in full vac-metal glory but all figures come with interchangeable parts and accessories. Assemble the complete SilverHawks Wave 4 ULTIMATES! collection and receive an exclusive Super Pack with alternate heads for each figure! The Super Pack is available only with the purchase of the full wave from

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Quicksilver (Toy Version) $65.00

Steelheart (Toy Version) $65.00

Mon*Star (Toy Version) $85.00

Buzz-Saw (Toy Version) $65.00

Steelheart, Quicksilver, Mon*Star & Buzz-Saw + Super Pack $280.00

By tgreco