Closer Look: Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Power-Con 2023 Exclusive Tanger


August 10, 2023

It’s that time of the year again!  Yes, Power-Con 2023 takes place this weekend and there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the show and various reveals that will surely come from it.  Collectors love their convention exclusives and once again Power-Con is loaded up with plenty from a wide variety of manufacturers.  If you are unable to attend and would like to order any, the remaining items can be found by clicking here.

One of the exclusives available this year is part of the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom line by Spero Toys.  We carry this line in Project Action Figure Store and I’m a really big fan of what Jason has done with these action figures.  We’ve featured a few on our socials and now it is time to check out one here:  the Power-Con 2023 exclusive offering Tanger.

The Animal Warriors of the Kingdom characters are based off a comic of the same name.  I have not read it (as of this article) but am looking forward to in the very near future.  With that said, I assume Tanger is more than just a repaint of the recently released series two General Thane.  You’ll notice in the comparison image that General Thane has way more shiny, metallic paint than Tanger.  The gold on his belt has a flat sheen and the only real area of metallic paint can be found on the blue buckle (on his chest).  I am assuming again this is accurate to how he appears in the comic.  It’s also no secret that his overall paint scheme is extremely familiar to a famous Masters of the Universe villain.

Tanger has three sets of hands and two head sculpts for a decent amount of posing options.  He also comes with the same war hammer as General Thane, just in black and without any additional paint apps.  Also included, in what I believe is another shout-out to Mr. Beast Man, is a really well made whip.  The honorable General does not come with this really cool accessory.


Like all Animal Warriors of the Kingdom, Tanger’s articulation is spot-on.  I’m a big fan of the articulation for this line as it is always sturdy yet easily poseable.  I had some concern about how high Tanger’s left arm would rise because of his shoulder pauldron.  Some action figures with this accessory are very restrained when posing the shoulder and arm underneath.  Tanger is able to reach pretty high with no issues which to me is another bonus.

Tanger is a fun addition to my growing collection of Animal Warriors of the Kingdom and I definitely recommend anyone even slightly interested to give this line a look.  They’re a highly collectible action figure line that is also very sturdy (articulation, plastic used, etc) and customizable.  If you’re already a fan I have to recommend adding Tanger to your collection, you won’t regret it.  And here’s to a great Power-Con 2023!