Closer Look: SDCC Exclusive Jurassic Park Steven Spielberg Boxset


August 11, 2023

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park Mattel Creations went big for SDCC this summer.  For their Jurassic Park release they went with a Hammond Collection (3 3/4″ scale) release of the man who directed the classic film:  Steven Spielberg.  To me, this is a big thing as it is rare for a director to get the action figure treatment.  George Lucas has had a couple in the Star Wars line, NECA did a limited Guillermo del Toro, and Alfred Hitchcock has had a few from various companies.  Although there are very likely more out there, these are the only ones that immediately come to my mind.  Also, it’s Steven Spielberg.

Some collectors are not fans of Mattel’s Jurassic Park Hammond Collection due to their size.  At 1:18 scale, or also known as 3 3/4″, these do not scale to many of the more popular lines that are 1/12 scale (or 6-7″ tall).  While I do hope Mattel finds a way to get a Steven Spielberg in 1/12 scale, I am also a big fan of the Hammond Collection.  To really scale to the various dinosaurs 1:18 makes way more sense.  Although some dinosaurs are probably not to perfect scale, having the action figures in smaller format makes them all seem way larger.  Mattel also does a nice job on details for the action figures and they are nicely articulated.  Another positive before I move on to Mr. Spielberg is price point.  Individual figures are around 10.00, which is very fair and affordable.

Like most Mattel exclusives, the packaging is top notch on Steven Spielberg.  After opening a very large black box you’ll find a slick, functional clapperboard package.   On one side is the window for Steven Spielberg and the other contains information filled in for a Jurassic Park scene.  Really nice touches by Mattel!

Included in this set is a camera, directors chair with Steven Spielberg and Jurassic Park logo, and dilophosaurus with a removable frill along with an animatronic stand to sit on.  Also included of course is the Steven Spielberg action figure who is wearing a t-shirt featuring multi-colored Godzilla’s – just like Spielberg wore on set while filming.  His sunglasses are removable and stay on very tight thanks to a clear piece that snaps into both sides of head.

The dilophosaurus is loaded with articulation which includes a mouth that opens.  I do not own any previous release of this dinosaur but I assume it is the same mold at the very minimum.  It’s cool to set him up on his animatronic stand and set up a scene to direct.  The camera accessory includes the eyepiece which can be moved up and down to get the correct height for your pose.  Overall this is another very fun and solid release in the Hammond Collection and a great deal at 30.00 for a convention exclusive.  It looks great for those who want to keep it in the original packaging and for openers it’s a whole lotta fun to play with and pose.