We’re approaching the last quarter of the year, and most of the past leaks are already part of your looong list of pre-orders… and yet, there are still some more stuff to look up to, and even more, there’s a big chance we’ll start seeing some of the 2024 releases too in the near future.

With that in mind, it’s time for a new roundup, and like the last time, there’s enough stuff there to split them into sub-lines once again. Let’s take a look, shall we?

McFarlane Collector Edition

Last time we didn’t even knew much about this new line, but now that the first wave is out, with a second one announced and almost ready to drop, things are pretty clear: you’re getting your regular fig, with a different box and a card stand… for more $$, yey! Anyway, other than that, we still don’t know what logic is applied to select which figures get in this line, other than it has to be an easy one to give us Platinum Editions! Keep that in mind while we list them since they’re probably going to be “doubled”:

  • Superman – Return of Superman
  • Green Lantern Batman – Green Lantern Rebirth?
  • Captain Carrot – Justice League Incarnate
  • Omega Unmasked vs Bloody Batman – Last Knight on Earth 2 pack
  • Batman Beyond vs Justice Lord Superman – Batman Beyond 2.0 2 pack

Gold Label Collection

The golden sticker is now synonymous with store exclusives, but let’s also remember that now you can find them in other lines as well! We’ll stick to the ones that are supposedly DC Multiverse, and the rest will go to their corresponding category, which leaves us with:

  • The Joker – The Deadly Duo
  • Merciless Patina Edition  – Dark Nights Metal – McFarlane Store Exclusive??? (All the patinas have been for them)
  • Lobo with Spacehog – Figure and vehicle pack
  • Bat Santa Red Variant – ??
  • Bat Santa Blue Variant –  ??
  • Batman Sketch Edition – Batman: Hush – Entertainment Earth??? (All the sketches have been for them so far, as well)

DC Multiverse

  • Midnighter – DC Rebirth
  • Wave Rider – ??
  • Batman & Batraptor 2pack – Detective Comics #1000
  • Batman, Batwoman & Clayface 3pack – DC Rebirth
  • Atomic Skull vs Superman 2pack – ??
  • Interrogation Room Playset – The Dark Knight Trilogy
  • Batman Theatrical 6pack
  • Azrael as Batman – Knightquest
  • Superman – Injustice 2
  • Brainiac – Injustice 2
  • Batman 12″ Posed Statue – Designed by Todd McFarlane
  • Dark Flash Variants
  • Cyborg Superman vs Superman multipack

Doing a quick check… Aquaman leaks are as old as last year around this same time, damn… will this line (and the movie) ever come out?!

  • Aquaman – Aquaman The Lost Kingdom Movie
  • Aquaman Stealth Suit – Aquaman The Lost Kingdom Movie
  • Black Manta – Aquaman The Lost Kingdom Movie
  • King Atlan – Aquaman The Lost Kingdom Movie
  • King Kordax – Aquaman The Lost Kingdom Movie
  • Storm – Aquaman The Lost Kingdom Movie
  • Aquaman Stealth Suit with Topo “Gold Label” – Aquaman The Lost Kingdom Movie

DC Direct Page Punchers

  • Superman + Superman Comic
  • Earth-2 Superman (Val Zod) + Superman Comic
  • Ghost of Zod + Superman Comic
  • Braniac + Superman Comic
  • Superman Sketch Edition “Gold Label” + Comic

Super Powers & Batman Animated

Last but not least, we’re still expecting the reveal of the SP 3pack, but most importantly the continuation of the newly announced BTAS re-releases! Alfred is especially a great fig to look forward to since it was never released alone (it came with the Batcave playset), and it’s a must in any Bat-family collection.

  • Peacemaker, Vigilante & Judomaster – Super Powers
  • BTAS Alfred Pennyworth – DC Direct 6in

As always, we thank all the awesome people that make it possible to get our hands on this advanced info, and we look forward to hearing about your favorite leaks!