Gold Label Disney Mirrorverse Glow In The Dark Buzz Lightyear


August 28, 2023

Coming soon exclusively to Amazon is another McFarlane Gold Label release, this time though we venture to the Disney Mirrorverse.  Yes, Buzz Lightyear is back and now he glows in the dark.  With an overwhelming majority of the McFarlane Disney Mirrorverse line available at clearance prices the future for many new characters is looking pretty unlikely.  I do expect some re-painted re-releases though to hit though as they try to make whatever they can on what’s already been produced.  This glow in the dark Buzz Lightyear does look somewhat cool and includes removable wings, card (with certificate of authenticity on the back), and card stand.  Pre-orders coming soon!

One thought on “Gold Label Disney Mirrorverse Glow In The Dark Buzz Lightyear”
  1. Except it doesn’t glow in the dark. It needs a black light. So it should really be a black light edition… but they’ve already licensed those to Entertainment Earth, and that would require them doing more than just changing the packaging and selling them for $10 more.

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