Mattel has revealed two new WWE Elite waves to be released February 2024 along with the next wave in their basic assortment.  We’ll start off with WWE Wrestlemania Elite which includes an unexpected build-a-figure:  Nicholas.  For those wondering, Nicholas is the son of WWE referee  John Cone.  At Wrestlemania 34, Braun Strowman picked Nicholas from the crowd to be his tag team partner and they won the belts by defeating Cesaro and Sheamus which was refereed by his dad.  Nicholas Stone is the youngest tag team champion in WWE history from this Wrestlemania moment.  To collect all the pieces to assemble the young champ you’ll need to purchase Trish Stratus, John Cena, Pat McAfee, and The Rock.  Here is a look at early renders for this Wrestlemania Elite wave:

Up next is a wave of Elite Greatest Hits featuring R-Truth Elite Series 10, Brutus Beefcake – Legends 10, Typhoon – Then, Now, Forever, Earthquake – Then, Now, Forever, Bray Wyatt – Ultimate Deletion, Seth Rollins – Elite Series 33, Roddy Piper as John Nada – Hollywood Elite, and The Rock as the Scorpion King – Hollywood Elite.  There’s no promotional pictures of this wave but with it being re-releases from past waves I’ll include an image of each figures original release.

And to wrap things up is Basic series 142 featuring Charlotte Flair, Top Dolla, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, and Honky Tonk Man.  Here are renders provided for each:

By Travis