Mattel Creations updated their release calendar with a Masters of the Universe exclusive on September 12.  Since they originally announced three upcoming exclusives:  Vykron, Fang-Or, and Lady Slither we have seen two of the three released.  So while the exclusive on September 12th isn’t labeled as Lady Slither, and always could be something else, we believe that the snake woman will be up for pre-order on that date.  Stay tuned for more as it gets closer, this is an Origins release you won’t want to miss as it is the first ever release of this MOTU character in action figure form.

Update 9-5-23:  Mattel Creations has updated their site with confirmation on Lady Slither and pre-order information.  She will be 35.00 with a limit of three per customer and available September 12 at at noon EST (9am PST).  Don’t miss out on Lady Slithers first ever Masters of the Universe action figure release!

Mattel Creations – 35.00

The Snake Men get their queen as Lady Slither joins the Masters of the Universe Origins line. This leader of the Snake Men can transform the lower half of her body into a snake to slither into the Masters’ nightmares. Lady Slither has never been made into a figure before, so every MOTU collector will want this venomous viper in their collection. 

  • Masters of the Universe™ Origins Lady Slither™ Action Figure 
  • First-ever figure of this character 
  • Comes with articulated attachable tail, staff, and knife  
  • 16 points of articulation in 5.5 inch scale 
  • Includes mini comic that reveals her origins 
  • Comes in premium MOTU Origins packaging 

By Travis