Pre Order: McFarlane Toys Accessory Pack #3 Store Exclusive

ByBass Mendoza

September 5, 2023

If you can’t get enough pew pews in your life or your figure’s hands… Uncle Todd is back with a new set of accessories for your 7-inch Spawns… you know, because DC characters wouldn’t dare to touch these *hint hint*

Just like the others, this is an exclusive release for the McFarlane store, and it will be ready to ship this coming November.

We’re seeing some new and old stuff here, but luckily, like the #2 pack, these are filled with details and an extra paint app, so it’s definitely worth getting!

McFarlane Toys – Accessory Pack #3 7in – McFarlane Toys Store Exclusive

November 2023 – $14,99.-

| McFarlane Toys Store