McFarlane WB100 Looney Tunes Crossover Series Preview


September 9, 2023

By now it’s no secret that Warner Brothers is celebrating their 100th anniversary.  McFarlane Toys joined in on the celebration with the re-introduction of their once popular Movie Maniacs line featuring iconic, statuesque releases of Bugs Bunny as Superman, the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz, Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, Jumanji, etc.  So far these have experienced an overall lukewarm reception.  Even with their limited production runs the lack of poseability is an automatic no from many toy collectors.  With some articulation though, would a Superman/Bugs Bunny crossover get a spot on the shelves of fans?  The upcoming Looney Tunes crossover series seems poised to answer that question for us.

For this preview we have Bugs Bunny yet again, this time ready to attend Hogwarts in his Harry Potter themed robe.  This time though, the figures include articulation (19 points for Bugs!) and certificate of authenticity with a stand to display it in.  If you check out the back of Bugs packaging, it seems this will be a six figure wave which includes three Harry Potter and three DC Comics themed figures.  Along with Bugs Bunny in Gryffindor robe are Tweety Bird in Slytherin robe and Lola Bunny in Ravenclaw robe to represent the Harry Potter themed releases.  For the three DC Comics figures there are Bugs Bunny in a black Batman suit, Wile E. Coyote in a blue Batman suit, and the Tasmanian Devil in the Flash suit.  If you look close at the pictures in the gallery below, you’ll notice that Gryffindor robe Bugs Bunny is wrongly packaged with Batman suit Bugs Bunny’s certificate of authenticity (aka trading card).  Stay tuned for more information on this new upcoming line as we learn more!