What’s a PulseCon without a sweet exclusive?  I don’t know, you tell me.  Hasbro has released images of one set that G.I. Joe Classified collectors will be drooling to pre-order.  At some point on September 22 (when PulseCon begins) look for this set to be available, as usual more details as we learn them.  Also worth noting is a second post of this set showcasing the packaging.

Hasbro’s Emily has teased a connection between the earlier exclusive Chuckles and the upcoming Crimson Strike Team:

We’ll talk more about some hidden details (and a few packaging elements that aren’t actually featured in photos) during our #hasbropulsecon2023 panel on September 22nd!

Kudos to everyone on the team who worked so hard on both of these items! Truly a testament to story telling with toys

Here’s pictures of both releases packaging, we’ll leave the guesses up to you!

By Travis