Since our last update a lot -almost all actually!- of the leaks we summed up made their official debut, leaving us with a barebones of what still needed to see the light of day. Still, thanks to Dragon’s Chest overseas pre-order listings we now have a lot of new stuff to look forward to.

Although the current list of official pre-orders has 2023 pretty much covered, I’m sure that there are still some surprises here and there, that’s why I wasn’t shocked to see that some of the new rumors point to a February 2024 street date. Let’s have a look at what’s ahead for us:

McFarlane Toys – DC Multiverse 7in – GOLD LABEL COLLECTION

The Bat-Santas are a reality! Not only that, but the first in-hand pictures have been doing the rounds these past couple of days. Since Uncle Todd can’t seem to stick to a single format these will come packaged as DC Direct’s Page Punchers, with a collector-friendly blister AND a comic… but still under the DC Multiverse line. As Gold Labels they will also be retailer-exclusive, so we just have to wait and see who gets the prize *cough* Target *cough*. The previously leaked Merciless Patina Edition is at hand too, going to the McFarlane Store for sure.

But that’s not all, we still have A LOT of new Gold Label leaks and these days it’s easier to identify which is going where, so here’s the full list with their retailer predictions when possible:

  • Batman as Santa with Comic (Red Version) – Gold Label
  • Batman as Santa with Comic (Blue Version) – Gold Label
  • Merciless Patina Edition  “Dark Nights Metal”– Gold Label McFarlane Store Exclusive
  • Mr. Freeze Black Light Edition – Entertainment Earth Exclusive, Feb. 2024
  • Hazmat Suit Batman Sketch Edition “Justice League: The Amazo Virus” – Entertainment Earth Exclusive, Feb. 2024
  • Red Hood Black & White Accent Edition “New 52” – Big Bad Toy Store Exclusive, Feb. 2024
  • Batgirl Jokerized “Three Jokers” – Gold Label, Feb. 2024
  • Animal Man – Gold Label, Feb. 2024
  • Red Tornado – Gold Label, Feb. 2024
  • Owlman “Forever Evil” – Gold Label, Feb. 2024
  • Damian Wayne Robin “DC vs Vampires” – Gold Label, Feb. 2024
  • The Joker “The Deadly Duo” – Gold Label
  • Lobo with Spacehog – Gold Label Figure + Vehicle Pack
  • Batman Sketch Edition “Batman: Hush” – Entertainment Earth Exclusive

McFarlane Toys – DC Multiverse 7in – MCFARLANE COLLECTOR EDITION

Nothing new to report here, other than one of the previous leaks was mislabeled as MCE when it was a regular Multiverse release; we’re talking about the Batman vs. Omega multipack that’s now available to pre-order.

  • Superman “Return of Superman” – McFarlane Collector Edition
  • Green Lantern Batman “Green Lantern Rebirth?”- McFarlane Collector Edition
  • Captain Carrot “Justice League Incarnate”- McFarlane Collector Edition
  • Batman Beyond vs. Justice Lord Superman “Batman Beyond 2.0”- McFarlane Collector Edition 2-pack

McFarlane Toys – DC Multiverse 7in

After the other sublines, there’s not much left for the regular releases, but it’s interesting to point out that even Steel who was announced a while ago and then forgotten, as well as the rest of the new rumored ones, it seems that we’ll have to wait for them until the beginning of next year!

  • Batzarro & Bizarro 2-pack, Feb. 2024
  • Superman “Classic”, Feb. 2024
  • Nightwing “Knightfall”, Feb. 2024
  • Midnighter
  • Wave Rider
  • Batman 12″ Posed Statue “Designed by Todd McFarlane”
  • Dark Flash Variants
  • Cyborg Superman vs Superman multipack

DC Direct – Super Powers 4.5in

This line may have commitment issues with Walmart, but certainly not with keep on growing with some cool leaks and some not-so-clear ones too:

  • Batman Gold Variant – Super Powers, Feb. 2024
  • Batman of Zur-En-Arhh – Super Powers, Feb. 2024
  • Flash Gold Variant – Super Powers, Feb. 2024
  • Sinestro “Super Friends” – Super Powers, Feb. 2024
  • Green Lantern Hal Jordan – Super Powers, Feb. 2024
  • Lord Superman – Super Powers, Feb. 2024

DC Direct – Batman Animated 6in

McFarlane is going all in with this revival, and I can’t complain much… other than the lower-quality looking plastic. The first wave is hitting Asian stores, so soon we’ll get a proper verdict, but in the meantime, we have some juicy leaks. Let me warn you first though… 3 of the mentioned figures have at least two versions from the DC Collectibles era: a BTAS one, and their New Adventures redesign. Using my deduction skills, I figured that if they list Croc paired with Baby Doll it’s the NA one, which would make it logical to keep with the rest of the wave, given that we already got a BTAS Batman, so my bet is that the rest will come from that line as well.

  • Alfred Pennyworth – Batman The Animated Series
  • Batman – The New Batman Adventures, Feb. 2024
  • Batgirl – The New Batman Adventures, Feb. 2024
  • Two-Face – The New Batman Adventures, Feb. 2024
  • Killer Croc and Baby Doll – The New Batman Adventures, Feb. 2024

DC Direct – Page Punchers 7in

Nothing new to see here, move along.

  • Superman + Superman Comic – Page Punchers
  • Earth-2 Superman (Val Zod) + Superman Comic – Page Punchers
  • Ghost of Zod + Superman Comic – Page Punchers
  • Brainiac + Superman Comic – Page Punchers
  • Superman Sketch Edition “Gold Label” + Comic – Page Punchers

And that’s it for our latest update. As always, we look forward to seeing the official announcements since they can bring clarity to some of these; and of course, we want to hear from you to know which ones you guys are the most excited for.

4 thoughts on “Rumor Roundup: McFarlane Toys DC Leaks up to September 25th, 2023”
  1. Any word on if the BTAS/TNBA figures with have a Build-A-Figure component in the this wave? The Wave 1 had a BAF figure of the Condiment King. Just curious if this is how McFarlane might make new figures to incentivize sales of this line. Also, any world on if there is going to be another Batman Retro 66 wave after the Lord Death Man/Bat-Bot wave?

    1. About the BAF situation, there are the following things to consider. First, Alfred was also leaked, so he could be a BAF figure without a problem, BUT when DCC did it, it was for the BTAS Batcave, and this wave seems to be all about TNBA, in which he showed a slightly different design.
      Then there’s the leak designation, which can mean absolutely nothing, but at other times it has been a clue: they are labeled Wave 1, which would correspond with a TNBA wave one, while the one that’s already out could be BTAS wave 1. Take it with a grain of salt though.
      Bottom line, I believe we’ll get both BAF wave’s and regular ones, and this one seems to fall under the latter.
      As for DC Retro, Todd personally loves this line… however, I do see it as a finite one, since there’s going to be a point were there will be no more characters to pull from unless they go really deep into the roster.

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