Uncle Todd should be very veeeery used to his upcoming releases being leaked months in advance by now, but this one is a curious oddity, since today we’re getting a look at some very polished renders of figures that we previously mentioned in our latest RoundUp.

Let us TL;DR this thing for you:

  • Animal Man – Gold Label, Feb. 2024
  • Red Tornado – Gold Label, Feb. 2024
  • Owlman “Forever Evil” – Gold Label, Feb. 2024
  • Damian Wayne Robin “DC vs Vampires” – Gold Label, Feb. 2024
  • Superman “Classic”, McFarlane Collector Edition Feb. 2024
  • Nightwing “Knightfall”, McFarlane Collector Edition Feb. 2024

As you can see, if the leaks are to be trusted, we’re still a bit away from getting these, being probably part of the first batch of releases for next year, which means we could see a somewhat different or tweaked final product. Still, it’s fair to say that these look pretty sweet with some very cool new sculpts mixed with other reused molds.

According to the sources and from what we can see, we are getting some of these mold bases like the Infinite Frontier body for Vampire Damian, Alan Scott’s base body for Red Tornado, Blue Beetle´s is the basis for Animal Man, and this time it seems that Classic Supes will be using the Page Punchers body rather than the go-to Rebirth one.

We’ve put some side-by-side pics and let you be the judge of that.