Coming to Mattel Creations on November 9, 2023 at noon EST (9 am PST) is an all-new exclusive release in the Jurassic Park Hammond Collection.  Lab Tour Dr. Henry Wu will be 30.00 and this set is absolutely stacked – includes Mr. DNA who has 4 button-activated phrases, Dr. Wu with swap-out hands and 4 button-activated phrases, lab clipboard, raptor hatchling, pencil, and more!  The lab lights even flicker, another cool detail.  And like most Mattel Creations exclusives the packaging is decked out.  Take a look at the gallery below, information by Mattel also included:

Gain access to InGen’s ground zero, where the greatest dino DNA discoveries unfolded. Inside the Hammond Lab, your tour is led by the less-than-humble technician, Dr. Henry Wu, and an anthropomorphic double helix, Mr. DNA. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park, our exclusive set features first-time Hammond Collection characters, transporting you to the start of a story that’s millions of years old.  

The journey opens in the unboxing. Breach the security system doors to enter the lab, where lights flicker ominously. The packaging includes film details, an egg incubator, and other testing equipment. There are even sounds, as Dr. Wu and Mr. DNA have 4 button-activated phrases triggered through a button on the packaging.   

  •  Dr. Wu figure has swappable hands and 4 button-activated phrases 
  •  Mr. DNA speaks with 4 button-activated phrases      
  •  Accessories include a lab clipboard, raptor hatchling, and pencil 
  • Lab lights flicker  
  • Packaging features Mr. DNA, dino DNA genetic board, egg incubator structure, and testing equipment